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    Aspirico - Care Management Software

    Aspirico Provides An Innovative, Award-Winning NDIS Care Management Software – iplanit.

    Supported by an international team of sector experts, iplanit care management software delivers measurable improvements to thousands of service providers around the world.

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    Our adaptable, inclusive NDIS care management software enables our customers to place people at the heart of their services and drive operational effectiveness and quality excellence in the areas of care planning, risk management, service delivery and monitoring.

    iplanit’s unique outcomes-focused design and ethos allows service providers to embed a truly person-centred culture, supporting people to achieve life’s potential.

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    iplanit  – Benefits of NDIS Care Management Software

    • 01

      Become More Outcome-Focused: Enabling you to move beyond ‘time-and-task’ to support people to fulfil their dreams, wishes and needs, and reach life’s potential. 

    • 02

      Inclusion: Allow people supported access to their plans, outcomes, progress and calendar. Nothing about the person, without the person.

    • 03

      Support Circle: Engage, involve and communicate with a person’s wider Support Circle to build a formidable team all working together with the same information to achieve outcomes. 

    • 04

      Meaningful Record Keeping:  Transform your notes and logs from lists of task records into the story of a person’s life journey with your service and staff. 

    • 05

      Real-Time Quality Monitoring: Live cloud-based data provides oversight of service delivery as it happens, and triggers alerts when it doesn’t, ensuring the safety of people supported and staff.

    • 06

      Evidence Compliance and Impact: A deep dataset provides unique insights into the impact that your services are having on people’s lives, in addition to detailed quality and compliance information. 

    • 07

      Operational Efficiency: Vastly reduce time spent on administration and paper-based processes, which will allow for your organisation to save money and dedicate more time towards delivering care and support. 

    • 08

      Configurability: Unrivalled configuration options and a range of Optional Modules allow you to build a system that is best suited to your service and the people you support.

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    Our Real Performance Metrics…

    • 5495+
      Services with iplanit deployed
    • 337365+
      iplanit users per month
    • 238739+
      Real-life outcomes on iplanit
    • 112322+
      People supported with iplanit
    • 287376+
      Support plans on iplanit
    • 1
      Verified iplanit-planned Skydive