Care Management Software For Autism And Intellectual Disabilities

iplanit has been the care planning software of choice for leading service providers of Intellectual Disability and Autistic Spectrum support, due to its unique person-centred, relationship-driven design and focus on outcomes. Real-time data that can proactively contribute to service improvement, quality of life, risk management and NDIS compliance is available to service providers at the touch of a button. 

Participants can have personal access to their accessible iplanit portal. The added benefit of this person-centered care planning software is that individuals can invite members of their circle-of-support into the care planning, delivery and monitoring processes of their life. Family, friends, social workers, employers, health professionals or anyone else involved in assisting them to live a fulfilling and independent life can get involved through the person portal of the iplanit care management software. This co-design, multi-stakeholder, approach streamlines support while keeping the person supported at the centre of it all. 


iplanit software is configurable, meaning that service providers can easily incorporate existing processes and tailor support plans to include specialised approaches such as positive behaviour support, clinical care, supported independent living care and more. 

For an overview of all Core and Optional iplanit care management software modules , click here

Check out a video created by NZCare Disability , one of our New Zealand Customers, about their use of iplanit

“It took us some time to make the decision to take a digital care planning system on board. We wanted to really make sure that it was going to meet our needs and be configurable to what we needed rather than an off the shelf solution that we had to fit into. We looked at what we currently were doing and what we would need to do – iplanit by far stood out ahead of the others.”

Angela Rose, DisAbility Manager, SGSSC