Care Plan Software For Mental Health Services

As iplanit electronic care planning software is uniquely designed around the individual consumer receiving support, it allows mental health services to manage and coordinate care within multiple services in a co-design environment. The consumer and their choices are kept at the heart of support planning and support delivery, even while moving between services.  

iplanit helps mental health service providers by aligning their service delivery to The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.  

The person-centered iplanit design allows providers to meet NSQHS Standards such as Clinical Governance, Comprehensive Care and Partnering with Consumers Standard. 


The iplanit care management software supports the achievement of outcomes for the consumer, whether as part of a comprehensive care plan, aftercare or other ongoing rehabilitation and prevention services. In addition, iplanit helps management focus on risk, compliance and monitoring.  


Family members and other professionals are also able to access the care planning and service delivery information with consumer consent via the consumer accessible iplanit portal.  

The outcome focus of iplanit means that providers and  health professionals can clearly monitor progress as it happens, identify potential challenges and support early intervention.  

For an overview of all Core and Optional iplanit care management software modules , click here

“The main selling point of the iplanit care management system was the fact that we could have all the information that we use stored in one place. A number of the funders we work in partnership with have a requirement that we hold the records and documentation for a minimum of 7 years. Working with a large number of tenants – support plans, risk assessments and notes being recorded daily added up to a lot of paper along with a lot of space required to store it all. Therefore, being able to have all that information recorded onto iplanit made life much easier. Additionally, reports by social workers and external bodies can be scanned, uploaded and stored in one place under each tenant. It’s secure and confidential. Accessing the information is a click of 1 or 2 buttons.”

Damian, Manager, Kilcreggan Homes