Care Planning Software For Aged Care & Dementia

With an ageing population, the need for an online care planning for service providers of aged care and support to elderly people and those with dementia is increasingly important. New models of care and use of software for nursing home management are driving improvements in services and quality-of-life for service users

iplanit’s unique person-centred design promotes inclusion and control with a focus on outcomes and transparency.  

Service Users’ can have the ability to involve family-members, Social Workers and other members of their circle-of-care in the care planning and delivery cycle. This effective care management platform approach enhances cooperation and coordination, which in turn improves service quality and reduces the risk of isolation. 

Real-time monitoring data allows service providers to identify risks and coordinate proactive and preventative interventions, whilst providing clear evidence of quality to commissioners and regulators. 

As care plans belong to the Service User, rather than the service provider, electronic care planning means they remain consistent even when moving between services. The outcome-focused design of the iplanit software means that short-term, intermediate or rehabilitative services such as physiotherapy are easily incorporated into overall packages of care. 


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“With iplanit everything makes sense, there is an obvious process to follow”

Support Worker, Clarion Housing Group U.K.