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    Complex Needs And Physical Disability Care Management Software

    Multiple or complex needs and physical disability care providers require a specialist solution for their specialist services.

    The highly-configurable nature of our care management software, iplanit, means that service providers can design and develop specialist support plans and associated workflows to meet their requirements, whilst maintaining the participant at the heart.

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    How Does iplanit Work With Physical Disability Care Services

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      The unique functionality of the outcomes module and associated “step-goal” functionality of iplanit care management software can be utilised in a range of ways for physical disability care, whether for personal goal outcomes, reablement outcomes, health maintenance outcomes or long-term rehabilitation programmes.

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      The range of configurable optional modules available allow providers to further build a system specific to their services – for example, the Health Monitoring module for services where healthcare and wellbeing monitoring are also involved.

    Helping You To Support Patients With Physical Disabilities And Complex Needs

    The person-centred design of iplanit means that participants are placed at the heart of their care and support, with ownership of their outcomes and action plans as the foundation of a co-production multi-disciplinary approach that includes families and friends.

    Detailed record-keeping and document management mean that all information and professional inputs are accessible to all staff, ensuring safe and effective service delivery.

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    Benefits Of iplanit Care Management Software For Complex And Physical Disability Care

    • The configurability of iplanit allows for specialist assessments, plans and workflows to be built specifically for specialist services

    • Outcomes and action plans can be utilised for complex health, recovery or prevention pathways

    • Uniquely rich dataset and personalised record keeping, providing evidence of the service’s impact on participant’s life journey

    • Inclusion and involvement of family and circle-of-support

    Our Client’s Experience With Our Digital Care Management Software

    Check out our Q & A with Adi and Amanda from PossAbilities (

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