RehabCare provides a wide variety of responsive health and social care services to over 3000 people of all ages and from all walks of life across Ireland. Services range from resource centre activities to support provided to individuals within their own homes.

People who use RehabCare services include people with disabilities and their families, children and older people.

Choice, quality and personalised services are the cornerstones of RehabCare who pride themselves on the flexibility of their activities, which are all designed to meet the individual wishes and requirements of each person who accesses their services. RehabCare is part of Rehab Group which has operations in Ireland, the UK and in Europe.

The Challenge

As a provider of highly valued and personalised services, RehabCare needed a way to evidence the impact of their support services on the lives of the people they supported. They also wanted to support the inclusion and empowerment agenda across services and to enable this Rehabcare needed:

  • A platform to allow service users and families to access “live” support plans.
  • A service which allowed managers to access a live dashboard which provided an integrated picture of all outcomes, actions and plan related data to support their quality management, performance management initiatives and to demonstrate value to funders.

Creating A Configurable Solution

Having reviewed the options available in-house and within the wider marketplace Rehab decided that iplanit care management software provided the best approach to allowing RehabCare put people in control of their lives and the support they receive and thereby enhancing the lives of every person they support.

Following an initial pilot implementation, Rehabcare are rolling out a national implementation of the iplanit suite across all regional operations. As part of the implementation, a number of Rehabcare specific plan templates were configured to support a range of service requirements as were Rehabcare specific reporting needs.